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- Room-filling sound

The A9 fills any living space with rich and spacious sound. Acoustically, it is capable of unifying pleasant, ambient listening moments with well-dispersed, powerful sound experiences. The introduction of active room compensation capabilities optimizes sound performance based on the positioning of the speaker.


- Make it yours

Whatever your interior style, the A9 can blend in beautifully or stand out convincingly – you decide. If you want to change decor, you can create your own look with a variety of textile covers and wooden legs. If you want to change décor, you can easily change its look with a cover designed by the world leading textile company Kvadrat or by changing legs to a different type and colour of natural wood.


- Smooth control

The A9 gives you control of music volume in a smooth interaction by gently sliding your hand across its surface. With a simple tap you can skip to the next and previous track or play/pause your music.


- Full connectivity

Connect the A9 to your favourite music streaming service to get great sound flowing in your home. Distribute music to every room by linking your wireless speakers and create a multiroom experience. The A9 supports Chromecast built-in, AirPlay 2 and Bluetooth.


A new class of true wireless earphones with active noise cancellation, audio transparency mode, ergonomic fit and comfort. The SYNC ANC is packed with technology that will make you feel the music that is meant to be heard in style and silence.


- Bluetooth 5.0

- Up to 33 Hours Play Time

- Water and Dust Proof (IP67 Rating)

- Shock Resistant

- Transparency Mode

- Ergo Fit with Freebit™ Wingtips

- AAC Codec

- Touch Controls

- Siri & Google Assist Compatible

- USB-C Quick Charge - Weight: 5g


- Bluetooth 5.0

- Compact Size

- Up to 24 Hours Play Time

- Sweat Resistant (IPX5 Rating)

- Transparency Mode

- AAC Codec

- Auto Pairing

- Touch Controls

- Siri & Google Assist Compatible

-USB-C Quick Charge



The Sound That Keeps On Giving Designed with Bluetooth 5.0 technology, S-GEAR is engineered to deliver SOUL’s signature sound of balanced deep bass without sacrificing the clarity of the mids and highs. No Hassle No more hassle when pairing your wireless earphones! Simply take out S-GEAR from the charging case and connect with your smartphones and devices instantly. *After initial pairing set up Play Longer With Fast Charging Designed to be small and portable, the S-GEAR gives you 6 hours on one charge. The charging case allows you to re-charge quickly for up to 3 times and keeps you moving up to 24 hours. Always With You A luxury SOUL branded carabiner is included with your S-GEAR so you can hang it on your bags or belt loop for easy access and it will always be by your side.


Flex is performance and flexibility.

Our smallest wireless speaker has big sound. Whether working alone, with a Flex partner in stereo, or as part of a surround-sound system with Formation Bar and/or Formation Bass, Flex has convenience with performance to match.


Wedge is the shape of hi-res stereo sound.

Formation Wedge delivers room-filling audio from one stylishly shaped and finished speaker. Five precisely angled drivers provide true stereo sound, making Wedge the hi-res speaker that sounds even better than it looks. 


Inimitable Bowers & Wilkins sound – wirelessly.

Formation Duo uses cutting-edge technologies like Carbon Dome Tweeter-on-Top and Continuum™ drivers to deliver the audio quality Bowers & Wilkins is renowned for. Wireless hi-res sound, without compromise.


One remarkable subwoofer = deep, agile bass.

Power is nothing without control – so Formation Bass digs deep and hits hard, but does so with complete command. Enjoy the sort of profound low-frequency presence that makes every song an occasion and every movie an event. 


- Ambient room-filling sound

- Immersive Audio Enhancement

- Easy music streaming via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth®

- Auto Volume maintains consistent volume levels from track to track

- Sound Calibration for easy set-up